About The WebMaster

For those who do not know me, I wish to remain Anonymous, but I have always had a passion for technology. I self taught myself alot of the basics of what I know, but got a degree in Computer Information Technology some time later. It was hard starting off not knowing very much but through the help of my professors and colleagues I have learned so much. Later I started working for the same college I studied at and realized what a passion I had for education. I strive to help teach and educate others the way I was gifted with the knowledge from those around me.

I created this website for a couple different reasons. First and foremost because I was given the skill set in college to do so. I was taught the languages necessary to code these pages, as well as how to run a server to keep it online and viewable by the world. So I decided if I can do it, and for free why not? How many people can do this kind of thing and actually do it? Maybe I could show it to a future employer during an interview. I had one up prior to this one, but it was just some HTML code I used and submitted as a Final Exam grade in my HTML class. It was horrible. No javascript whatsoever, I placed every item manually instead of using containers, it was horribly unfriendly to mobile, it would squish all the text on top of itself, it was terrible. It looked rushed and like crap. So I used alot of the same text, and photos but made it a million times better right here. The first version was the first website I had ever done and it definetly looked like it. I'm alot more proud of this one. Even if other people dont like it.

The second reason is that Linux holds a special place in my heart along with educating others. When I was first being taught how to use it, and quickly picked it up on my own, I started to wonder why everyone was not using something as wonderful as Linux as a desktop OS. It really made me never want to use anything else ever again. So maybe I can show others the things that made me love it so much. Maybe they would love it too, but maybe nobody has taken the time to open their mind to it. It just seems so perfect, but I have learned that not everyone shares this love of learning something new the way I do. Those who do not will just remain ignorant to how the very thing they carry in their pockets works and will constantly be taken advantage of by it.

I also meet those who like me, are fed up with what we are being forced to deal with, and are ready to make the switch, but feel like they don't have any other options or are too scared to make the final leap. Many people are fearful of damaging or deleting their system by mistake, or getting stuck in a state they aren't happy with. That really shows the importance of learning how to prevent that, or fix detrimental mistakes. I feel like learning about computers and technology is like learning to tie your shoes. We are quickly moving to a cybernetic electronic world. You wear shoes every single day. So it would be pretty important that you learn to tie the shoes you will almost always be wearing. Well computers are kind of the same way. How can you use a computer at work or everyday at home and never know the slightest thing about the thing in your hand that's straining your eyes? Using computers everyday and knowing nothing about them is tucking in your shoe laces into your shoe and hoping nobody notices. So I made this website as informational and educational as possible, but without taking it too seriously. I wanted to have some fun with it, post memes, and jokes to show viewers that you can really do whatever you want on it if you know how. You just have to want to learn. Maybe you work with your hands, don't have an email, cook your food on a campfire, or your home is made from sawn logs. Then maybe studying computers wouldn't be as beneficial to you.

This website is dedicated to those who are hungry for information about the basics. Linux newcomers, and non-Linux users who are curious, want to switch, or just want to understand more about it. It ended up having larger blocks of text than i really wanted. but for the people who actually care it is all relevant and vital information that I would have wanted to be given before I learned. I wanted a textbook feel to it, but used down to earth language so it was easy to understand. I also went with a question and answer sort of format because some things are difficult to explain later when it involves alot of words beginners may not be familiar with. I cannot say that Linux is a kernel combined with software if I havent already explained what a kernel is. Veteran Linux users may not find this site as useful, but I hope they enjoy it nonetheless. My love of Linux also partially stems from the story of its creation, with people who wanted to share information and software and technology for free in the name of advancing technology for the whole entire world and not to line their pockets. Linux inspires hope for the human race in me. That not everyone is just out to get your wallet. We wouldn't have a large majority of the internet without it. Linux servers quietly run tasks to make browsing the web as easy and painless for you as possible and most people don't even realize it.

I am a huge supporter of FOSS and donate every time I use software for free as a show of my gratitude. I have donated to Linux distro maintainers, the adblock creators, and wikipedia to name a few. Maybe you have used Adblock. or are using it right now. Isn't it great to use a free piece of software to block something as massively frustrating as advertisements about something you don't give a shit about? You wouldn't be able to if you had to pay for Adblock, and they charged hundreds of dollars. You would be stuck with constant annoying ads about products you will never use, and that is my whole entire point. Please support free software so that it can continue to be free, or donate if you can.

Lastly, the best way to support Linux, is to download, and use it. The more popular it becomes, the less people will feel like they have no choice but to pay hundreds of dollars on microsoft or apple products. The more support Linux recieves, the better the world will be. So i am trying to put the bug in as many ears as possible. Maybe hearing about Linux will be the only thing some people remember about me, but I am just fine with that if it means they were opened up to something new.

I really hope you have enjoyed browsing my site as much as I have enjoyed making it.